Sunday, November 20, 2011

3 Days Until NY!

So here I am, Sunday afternoon just chillin on the couch.  The apt is clean, all my grading is done, and I am pretty much packed for my trip to NY on Wednesday.  I am really hoping these next 2 and a half days fly by as I am reallllllly excited to be going home to visit!

So i'm hoping this visit goes well.  I have been doing a lot of thinking lately, and have been debating with the idea of possibly moving back to NY after this school year.  My main purpose for moving down here originally was to start over, and get my life back on track for me.  I feel that I have already achieved my goal of coming down here, and even though I do LOVE it down here, I do REALLY miss my friends and family.  I also miss making actual money!  Cost of living is much cheaper down here, but so is salaries and pay wages.  Every time I feel I am getting ahead, something happens, or its dead at the restuarant.  So i'm thinking in 8 months, theres a possibility I will be back in NY...if I can find a teaching job.  And I know i'm gonna get all sorts of shit from my friends, seeing as no one thinks I should have moved to begin with...but I still believe this was the best move for me. 

No definites yet though, so don't want anyone getting to upset or excited.  We will see how my visits go for Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

Friday, November 11, 2011

12 Days Until NY!

Well I never really had the time to do a Blog, but have had some extra time on my hands lately and figured, why not?
For people who don't know me too well, let me give you some background on me.  I'm 26 years old, have my BS in Elementary Education and my MS in Special Education.  I moved from Clifton Park, NY to Burlington, NC August 1st of this year(2011).  I basically got sick of NY, teaching jobs were limited, the job I was at sucked.  So I picked up and moved 10 hours away...all by myself.  Since being down here I have started waitressing again, mainly due to getting only 1 paycheck a month from the school.  I have met some great people who I enjoy hanging out with from both Helena and the restaurant.  I continue to spend a lot of time alone though, as there is really not much to do in this town besides drink and shop.  Recently I had gotten to know a guy, but he's more interested in someone younger, so basically have written that whole situation off.  I honestly do miss the companionship of at least having a great guy to talk to on a daily basis, and come home to.  And due to this, I have been getting very excited about returning to NY for Thanksgiving.  Although some people up there have always disappointed me, I know I have my handful of friends who are excited to see me, and miss me.  Since moving to NC, I have heard from maybe 5-7 friends.  Kinda shitty, right?  I do really enjoy it down here, and am thankful for everything and everyone that I have supporting me. 

Happy Veterans Day to all those who have served our country!

For those in NY, I will be home Wednesday November 23-27 AND Thursday December 22-28.